New in School 1

Albert’s is just an ordinary everyday kid - from another planet! On Albert's first day of school, his alien school supplies attempt to conquer our educational system. Lead by the nefarious Laser Pen, they eventually form into a mechanized alien school supply monster! Can Albert and his new friends figure out how to defeat them and save their school?

New in School 2

During lunch, Albert’s favorite alien snack starts eating the kids lunches - and all of the food in the school. The more it eats, the larger it gets until it’s too big to be contained by the building. Can Albert and his friends save their school before the end of their lunch break?

New in School 3

During an astronomy project, the kids discover a large UFO headed towards Earth. If it hits, it will destroy the planet. Upon learning of this object, however, the US government panics and sends in their specialists who are suspicious of Albert, and everything not human. Getting ready to say goodbye to everyone and everything they've ever known, the kids prepare for the end of all life on our planet. However, at the last possible second, Albert finally gets a glimpse of the object - and what is coming is so much worse than anything the kids could have expected.

New in School 4

During a hall monitor meeting, Gerty Greyson - Albert's homestay sister - notices the rest of the kids acting strangely. Turns out they are being controlled by an alien headpiece that turns them into zombies! Gerty and Albert must find out who is brainwashing the students and save them from the diabolical force - and at the same time, solve the mystery of the school locker thefts!

Teacher from Planet X 1

The kids put on a play of Romeo and Juliet for their parents, however Wally is not happy that he’s not cast in the lead role. Deciding he has need for more stage time, Wally (as Tybalt) hijacks the play during the live performance. Now, Gerty (Juliet) and Albert (the ghost of Mercurtio) have to save Romeo, and the play, before Wally can ruin the experience.

Teacher from Planet X 2

Someone has stolen the school’s mascot. Upon investigating, Albert and his friends discover the culprits are from their rival school! Going undercover, Albert and team challenge the rival school to a competition to win it back – a competition involving alien sports!

Teacher from Planet X 3

During Albert’s first field trip, the students go to a mummy exhibit at the local museum. However, it isn’t long before school bully Wally McNally gets bored and accidentally brings an evil mummy king back to life! Can Albert put this mummy back to sleep before his best friends are turned into a mummy army?

Teacher from Planet X 4

It’s Spirit Week at Heston Heights Middle School, and Albert has gained a lot of popularity. So much, in fact, that he’s nominated to run for Homecoming King! While Albert prepares his speech, Gerty and Draven try to investigate why their teachers have all called in sick – and uncover the villains trying to take over the school!

Teacher from Planet X 5

It’s finally Homecoming, but things are not looking well for Albert and his friends. Gerty is missing. The teachers have all been replaced by robots. And someone is trying to get Albert expelled from Earth! Can Albert save the day – and the school dance – before it’s too late?

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