Today’s Albert the Alien “summer break” is brought to us by the amazingly talented Kasey Williams!

Kasey has ties to earlier Albert stories in a way – she did the backup story in the Albert Goes to the Movies single issue Gabo and I made back in 2012, which was about two cats trying to watch a DVD. Whenever someone picks up the book and flips through, they always stop on her story and go, “KITTIES!”

Kasey has captured the essence of Albert here perfectly – about the beauty and wonder of our own world right here. She’s done this beautifully with the two panel reversal – the “reveal,” if you will. Albert and Gerty looking at something off panel that’s totally incredible, and then showing us what they see – the awesome that is a sunset on the beach.

If you want to check out more of Kasey’s stuff, you can find it here (WARNING: NOT ALL CONTENT IS ALL AGES APPROPRIATE):