It’s Friday, boys and girls. And you know what that means, right?

No, it’s not buy one get one free at the taco stand (although, I wish it did). It means it’s time for a new Albert the Alien!

So Albert and Gerty finish their talk about the mystery locker, which Wally (who was nearby picking on Martin) has overheard. Wally saying “we can check out the locker later,” implies something more nefarious in my book. I don’t think he means just looking at it. I think he means something more evil and mean.

And then Wally goes to pull one of his old tricks – the ol’ pool on the roof trick.

This was big at my school growing up, always trying to tell freshmen or new kids in the school about the pool on the roof. Now, most people in middle school are probably quick to pick up on this being a fib – however, Albert is a little more trusting than most. He doesn’t know any better that Wally is a mean kid, and Albert’s sense of adventure always propels him forward. In this case, he’s headed up to the roof to check things out.

For the record, whenever someone tells you there’s a pool on the roof, chances are there isn’t really a pool on the roof. Unless, maybe, you’re in a fancy hotel. Which has roof access. And signs that say “pool, this way” pointing towards the stairs to the roof.

Will Wally get away with his mean schemes? Let’s find out next week: same Albert time, same Albert website!