If Friday and Albert the Alien aren’t synonymous in your head yet, it should be. Because it’s Friday — and there’s a brand new Albert the Alien update!

With the Giant Alien Mecha School Supply Monster running around the hallways, the kids have hidden inside Albert’s locker filled with his cool alien gadgets while they plan their next move. Some of these items sound interesting – and possibly dangerous in the wrong hands.

I wanted to populate Albert’s locker with a bunch of cool alien devices, and communicated about that much information to Gabe – who designed a lot of neat looking stuff. Some of these items have specific purposes, which will be used in later stories. Others are window dressing, to make the space look filled and cool. But upon seeing the designs from Gabe, I always get inspired – and seeing some of these designs has spawned other story ideas in my head.

The good news is, there are plenty of adventures we can have with Albert. And we’re not even done with the first adventure yet!

So what plan have Albert and Gerty come up with that involves Wally and his goons? Find out next week when Albert the Alien continues!