Happy Friday, and welcome to today’s Albert the Alien “Summer Break!” We’ll be back to updating stories again in August, but for right now (while we work on the graphic novel that was successfully funded on Kickstarter) we’re updating fan art and guest strips every Wednesday and Friday!

Today’s guest strip is hilarious! It’s an animated gif from Ashley McLaughlin where Albert is using the Controller (the intergalactic device they found in the school that allows objects to change) on a Chicken and a Snail. Unfortunately it seems to be broken, because he can’t seem to get the creature to be a chicken or a snail – it’s always part of one or the other! Gerty is taking notes (this could possibly been for a science class experiment?), and she’s not liking the results either.

It’s a fantastic example of the kind of trouble Albert gets into on our planet with his alien devices, and it’s absolutely hilarious!

If you dig it, you should check out Ashley’s other stuff here:

INSTAGRAM: HardshellArt
TWITTER: @HardshellArt