We’re 4 pages away from the ending to this chapter of Albert the Alien (which also finishes off the second volume, which we’re currently collecting from our successful Kickstarter – and there’s still time to pre-order it!). AND on this page the Principal says the title of the story – so the Substitute Teacher from Planet X will be the alien school supplies. 😉

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Albert the Alien was just nominated for a Harvey Award for Best Online Comic! This is such an honor. Check it out here.

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I’ll be appearing at Anime Iowa (July 24-26) in Coralville, IA as a returning guest of honor. This con is super fun, lots of great energy, and has some incredibly awesome staff and volunteers putting together a super fun show.

–Sponsor Meet and Greet 8-10pm Mainstage

–Self Publishing 101 3-4pm Programming 1

–Making Webcomics 9-10am Programming 2