It’s Wednesday, and it’s opening night for the 7th grade play on Albert the Alien!

The kids have been hard at work practicing their lines, and gearing up for their performance of Romeo and Juliet…in SPACE!

However, with so many egos at play here – Flip and Patricia not liking that they didn’t land the leading roles, and Wally vowing to steal the show somehow – I’m sure we’re in for an unexpected night of adventure!

There’s no red carpet coverage on Friday, and then we go into the play itself! See you then!


1) The Kickstarter campaign to fund the Albert the Alien Volume 1: New in School graphic novel is live! We’re going to be collecting all 100 pages from the webcomic, plus additional bonus stories! Be sure to pledge to the Kickstarter to see all the awesome updates, unlockable reward levels, stretch goals, and more! We’ll post a link once the campaign goes live.

2) Anime Central is this weekend! ACEN is the 3rd largest animation convention in the country, takes place in Rosemont, Il, and is my absolute favorite show of the year. Gabe will be in Artist Alley, and I will be a returning guest of the show! I’ll have a number of panels throughout the week (my panel schedule will be posted closer to the event date), as well as a number of books for sale. And commissions – did I mention Gabe and I will both be doing commissions?

We’ll also be doing some special fundraising activities for our Albert the Alien Kickstarter! The Kickstarter campaign starts at ACEN, and there will be a special prize for people who pledge at the show!

Here’s the panel schedule for the weekend (more may be added at random):

Introduction to RWP – 7pm – Panel Room 3
The Panel That Shall Not Be Named – 10pm – Panel Room 4

Time Management – 8:30pm – Panel Room 3
Breaking Into Comics – 9:30pm – Panel Room 4