It’s a new page of Albert the Alien and – oh my goodness! Col Ty Fighter wants to do a “random” locker search of Albert’s locker! Was Wally correct? Is the Col after all of Albert’s alien equipment?

I like giving Albert an adult antagonist (Col Ty Fighter) as well as a peer antagonist (Wally). They are very different characters, but they also challenge Albert in different ways. Albert can’t outsmart an adult as easily as a fellow student, even one as single-minded as the Col. They also present different challenges to me as a writer – creating different situations for conflict. Col Ty can get Albert into trouble – the nature of the trouble being the catalyst to start an adventure – a lot differently than Wally. And that’s a lot of fun for a writer.

So how do we think Albert will get out of this one? Leave us some comments and let us know what you think of the comic and the story so far, and we’ll see you next week Wednesday! Have a great weekend.