We flashback to Planet Duralex, where everything in the universe is made….

We see the origin of the Alien School Supplies here, right as they’re coming off the assembly line. The trick with writing Albert the way we do (in 24 page chapters, with each chapter trying to focus on a fun episodic adventure) and having so many plot points that need to be addressed in the larger story (what’s been going on throughout this volume), it was tough to compress this origin story into only 2 pages. I could do an entire issue about this origin story – a Chapter 0, if you will – but I won’t. Yet. Maybe someday.

But I digress, I wanted to do something to show a sympathetic side to the Alien School Supplies. We’ve known them to be evil, but we never knew why until now. I like to try to put reasons into why someone is evil or mean, and this is their story.

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