Happy Wednesday, and welcome to another Albert the Alien summer break. We’re focusing on the graphic novel for the month of July, and until then we’re updating with fan art and guest strips. And today’s is AWESOME! This is from Gene Goldstein, who’s boyfriend to Kasey Williams. The very same Kasey who did the Temper Pounce story that appeared in the Albert the Alien Movies print adventure! He does a comic called Planet Panic that’s all ages friendly, and wicked cute! And it moves!

Check out his webcomic, and follow him on Twitter!


Gabe’s getting ready for SDCC, and I’m prepping for Anime Iowa (I’ll be a returning guest of honor). Gabe has some fantastic sketch cards for sale (and does commissions), and I have books, original art, and more! If you’re attending either show, you should definitely swing by and say hi to us both!