Albert the Alien returns next week!

Gabe and I have been toiling away at the graphic novel, and also producing new pages for the continuing adventures of Albert the Alien! This is the final week for “summer break,” and next week we will continue The Substitute Teacher from Planet X storyline!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the exclusive Albert the Alien stories we’ve been posting at Thrillbent, available to subscribers.

Also, if you missed the Kicksarter campaign to fund the Albert the Alien graphic novel, be sure to pre-order your copy today in our store.

Come back Friday for another update, and then next week we launch the next adventure of Albert the Alien!

My next convention appearance is going to be Wizard World Chicago, here in Rosemont, Il. Gabo and I will both be in attendance, and we’ll have the new Reading with Pictures volume 2: Comics That Make Kids Smarter! There’s a brand new Albert the Alien story in that book, so you should definitely pick it up!

Hope to see you there!