It’s Friday, Albert and friends are in the cafeteria, and they’re…playing with their food!?!

Introducing the Blobite! A semi-liquid substance that can mimic shapes, flavors, and do all sorts of other cool things. When creating this alien creature, I was trying to think of the ultimate food that you could play with. I remember growing up all of the foods I would play with: jello, mashed potatoes, whipped cream – stuff that was fairly malleable. You could do a lot with it, change it around, and mold it to fit your creative vision.

But what if the food could do that with flavor as well as shapes? What if this was the hottest craze in alien food at the moment? And Albert’s favorite meal – because, really, you could make it taste like anything you wanted it to!

We’ll find out more about the Blobite next week. But in the meantime, what are some of your favorite lunches?