Kickstarter-Funded Graphic Novel Albert the Alien Volume One: New in School Fun Adventure for the Kid in All of Us

“Weird and funny and charming… it’s so much fun to read.”
Mark Waid, Daredevil, Kingdom Come

“I wish I could see our world like Albert the Alien does. We live an age of wonders, but we often forget that fact. Thank goodness we have Albert here to remind us.”
Josh Elder, Scribblenauts: Unmasked, Mail Order Ninja

Chicago, Ill. (November 11, 2014) – Series creator and writer Trevor Mueller and artist Gabo today announced the publication of their graphic novel Albert the Alien Volume One: New in School (November 2014, ISBN: 9780692260081). This project was possible after successfully raising more than $8,000 through a Kickstarter campaign last June.

The all-ages comic series features Albert – a regular, everyday seventh grader – from planet Xevon VII. He comes to Earth as the first intergalactic foreign exchange student to learn everything he can about our culture. Helping him is his homestay family, the Greysons, especially their daughter Gerty who is Albert’s age.

Not long after Albert joins the class at Hesten Heights Middle School, items start disappearing from students’ lockers and the new kid falls under suspicion. With the help of his new friends, Albert must solve the mystery and find out what is really happening to the missing items.

In Albert the Alien Volume One, readers will be treated to adventures about alien school supplies that try to take over the school, a blobbite that ends up eating everything in its path, and a time machine Albert uses to take his class back in time to study dinosaurs up close. Meanwhile, Albert faces situations we can all relate to as he makes new friends, adapts to a new environment, and dodges the school bully.

“One of the reasons I love writing this series so much is that I remember feeling like I was on the outside looking in when I was growing up. While Albert’s situation is certainly extraordinary, I think most people can relate to feeling like they don’t quite fit in at times,” said series creator and writer Trevor Mueller.
Albert’s first adventure appeared in the educational comics anthology Reading with Pictures in 2010. This was followed by two self-published single issue adventures: Albert the Alien is Using the Hallpass and Albert the Alien Goes to the Movies.

In 2013, Mueller and Gabo launched the Albert the Alien webcomic series to share new episodes with readers on Wednesdays and Fridays. Eventually, the online escapades became the first all ages syndicated series on Mark Waid’s THRILLBENT digital imprint, bringing a new audience to the growing series.
Thanks to their more than 170 Kickstarter backers, Mueller and Gabo are now able to give readers the option to enjoy Albert’s online adventures in print form. More than 100 pages of content from the web series and previously printed single stories combine to become the first story arc, Albert the Alien Volume One.

In addition, the print edition also features:

  • A foreward from Mark Waid
  • Eight stories exclusive to the print edition and featuring guest artists Jennifer Blake (My Little Pony), Justin Castaneda (When I Was Little), Tom Kelly (The Stuffed Animal Sagas) and more
  • Re-printing the original appearance of Albert in the anthology Reading with Pictures, currently out of print

Action-packed and clever, kids won’t be able to put down their copy of Albert the Alien Volume One to see what crazy adventure Albert gets himself into next. Adults will enjoy the references to eighties pop culture subtly woven throughout and appreciate the positive messages, such as handling bullies, dealing with peer pressure and making new friends.

Book Details:
Title: Albert the Alien Vol 1: New in School; Creators: Trevor Mueller (series creator, writer), Gabo (artist)
Publication Date: November 2014. Paperback. Pages: 154.
ISBN-10: 0692260080, ISBN-13: 978-0692260081. Website:
Kickstarter Project: