Welcome to the First page for Albert the Alien! An all-ages sci-fi / comedy / adventure story from the minds of Trevor Mueller (that’s me) and artist Gabriel Bautista.

Albert is just a normal every day kid…from another planet!

This project has been a long time coming, with Gabe and I having first teamed up on the character in 2009 for the Reading with Pictures volume 1 anthology (which came out in 2010, and was nominated for two Harvey Awards).

Gabe and I loved the character so much that we teamed up again in 2012, producing two stand-alone print adventures for Albert (available for sale in our store). However, I kept wanting to go back to the well and tell more stories with the character. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to build his world and expand his friends. I wanted to play more in the world Gabe and I were building, and tap into my inner child to write a really fun story – something that I would have enjoyed watching every Saturday morning growing up.

Then the story hit me, and I pitched the idea to Gabe. And he loved it!

Over the next year, we started crafting the story you are about to experience: Albert the Alien is New in School!

This 4 chapter adventure will showcase the events over Albert’s first week or so of school. Each chapter will have a fun stand-alone adventure, but also an over-arching story throughout that binds the 4 chapters together and further dives into the world of Albert the Alien.

The webcomic will update every Wednesday and Friday with a new page, and blog updates throughout the week as well. We would also love you to share this with your friends and family, and remember: it’s all ages (recommended for readers 7+).

There’s also a Facebook Fan page, so feel free to check out this site and the facebook page for the latest news, events, and cool stuff going on in the world of Albert the Alien!

Welcome to the world of Albert the Alien, and thank you for checking out the site. Stay tuned for the first page of his adventure on Friday! We hope you enjoy this as much as we have.