It’s Wednesday, and we have a brand new Albert the Alien to help us get through the week.

Here we’re introduced to the English teacher, who’s a bit of a traditionalist…but her hand is being forced to be a bit more modern. I don’t give Gabe direction on how I think characters should look – I like to let his imagination flow and base the characters off their dialogue and actions. However, I admit I did have a bit of a vision for this character (which wasn’t communicated to Gabe, granted) – which was that she would be older and more traditional. She likes classics. She thinks Shakespeare is too modern, and too commercial. I pictured an older teacher, lots of dark hanging clothes (like capes and scarfs and other things that would almost be like theater curtains). This is not the way Gabe went, though.

That’s fine. Comics are a collaborative media, and working together to make the best product doesn’t always involve the writer getting their way. Especially when they didn’t communicate it. Now I just need to write a scene where we transform this teacher into the vision I wanted in the first place…. 😛

Kidding. But in any case, there will be more Albert the Alien on Friday. And speaking of Friday….

…On Friday, April 25, Gabe and I will be attending C2E2 here in Chicago. I’ll be working the Reading with Pictures booth along with good friends Jim McClain and Russell Lissau. Gabe will be in artist alley.

Both of us will have copies of Albert available for sale, along with some other great books, original art, and we’ll both be available to take commissions.

I also have a panel on Sunday called Reading with Pictures from 11-12pm in Family HQ – S100c. Hope to see you there!