It’s Wednesday, but wait – there’s good news: Here’s another brand new Albert the Alien!

As the kids continue down the hallways behind the hallways, they uncover the hiding place of the stolen goods! The locker thief has definitely been using this space to store their loot. But what could be going on with Wally and his goons in the other room? We’ll find out on Friday with the next Albert the Alien!

The inspiration for the hallways behind the hallways came from my real-life experience. My father was an administrator at a school that had secret tunnels behind the walls of the school, and certain lockers (and other entrances) that were blocked off and off-limits to prevent anyone from gaining entrance. Some of them lead to hidden rooms, abandoned pools, or even took you clear across the city. The building had been used in the Underground Railroad, I had been told, and this always stuck with me as so awesome.

I got access to the tunnels and secret passages – some leading me up to the roof of the school, which was like a castle – but not just my boyhood sense of exploration enjoyed this. I was walking through a piece of history. It was like I was touching something that happened so long ago, but it wasn’t in a museum. It was real. It was right in front of me. And I could explore it!

There will be many more mysteries and adventures to be had with this school, and we’ll find out one of them on Friday. See you then!