Happy Wednesday, and welcome to another Albert the Alien summer break. We’re focusing on the graphic novel for the month of July, and until then we’re updating with fan art and guest strips. And today’s is AWESOME!

Kevin Harrell, one of Gabe’s good friends, put this amazing piece together that really captures the wonder of space and the place where Albert comes from. Gerty, Martin – and even Wally – are all in on the action (with poor Martin getting caught in an asteroid shower).

If you enjoy this image, be sure to check out Kevin’s other artwork here:

Gabe’s getting ready for SDCC, and I’m prepping for Anime Iowa (I’ll be a returning guest of honor). Gabe has some fantastic sketch cards for sale (and does commissions), and I have books, original art, and more! If you’re attending either show, you should definitely swing by and say hi to us both!