It’s Wednesday, and we finally get our first reveal of Albert the Alien (our main character) in this chapter! Next to him are several other possible appearance slots, which were snatched up by friends of our artist Gabriel Bautista.

If you want to appear in a future issue of Albert the Alien, check out the details below the vote box (and please don’t forget to vote daily for Albert the Alien on top web comics).

In this page we see that aliens have given humans more advanced technology to help increase our telescope abilities, so we can see into space further – and during the day! Telescopes only really work at night. Why is that, you ask?

Most telescopes you find are called optical telescopes, which use visible light to view objects far away into space. They can’t work during the day because the Sun’s light is scattered by the Earth’s atmosphere, which overwhelms the light from stars further away in space.

This same problem occurs when you try to look at the stars with your eyes and you live close to a city. The lights from the city drown out event the brightest stars in the sky. This is why optical telescopes are often located far away from cities, and are often on mountaintops.

Albert has also given this school a pool on the roof, which Wally still thinks is a joke he invented. He’s not so thrilled that the joke is being used over and over again – however, we all know better. We know it’s not a joke. There’s clearly a pool behind Wally on this rooftop. He just refused to turn around and see it.

So, what kind of adventure will our heroes get into this time? We’ll find out in the update later this week!

Want to appear in a future story of Albert the Alien? We offer roles for teachers, parents, and students in this comic all the time on our facebook page. And if you’re an adult but want to appear as a student, Gabe can easily design you to appear as a younger version of yourself.

We still have some opportunities in this very issue. We have 4 scientists appearing later in the story, and we can design them to look like you.

We’re also working on opportunities for issue 4 (the final chapter for this story arc), and they include:

1 human hall monitor
3 robot hall monitors
1 teacher
Have your name appear on a wall (limit 4)

If you’re interested, please message Gabe or myself on here for pricing.