Today’s Albert the Alien shows the inside of the mysterious Locker #13!!!!

But wait, what’s this? It just looks like a normal, empty (dirty and unused) locker! How can that be?

Gabe and I had a funny conversation when he sent me this page, which went a little something like this:

TREVOR: Ha ha ha, I think it’s funny that Albert can hack the locker combination when it’s not networked – too funny.
GABE: well I figure it’s being used by what’s his name – maybe he’s got some locking mechanism I don’t know haha-
GABE: sonic waves created by the computer shifted the keys inside the locking mechanism – hahah
TREVOR: We can easily sum it up like this: it’s ALIEN science! The usual laws of physics and logic don’t apply.

So, to anyone out there who was wondering how Albert used a holographic computer to hack and unlock / open a physical (and non-networked) locker, there’s your explanation.

So what’s the real story with Locker #13? We’ll find out next week! And please come back every Wednesday and Friday for more Albert the Alien!