Happy (almost) Halloween!

When writing this story, this page was one of my favorites. Further showing the bumbling (yet cocky / confident) Col Ty Fighter. The dude radiates confidence, but he’s not right all the time (clearly), and yet makes no apologies for it.

I just loved the idea of a basement full of scientists being funded by taxpayers to monitor planetary security, and doing their jobs well, and the dude in charge not paying attention. For some reason this makes me chuckle.

Hey, have you checked out Albert the Alien on Thrillbent yet? It updates on Tuesdays in a format that’s easy to consume on devices. Check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments section (either on their site, our facebook page, or right here). 🙂

It’s not too late to appear in a future story of Albert the Alien! We offer roles for teachers, parents, and students in this comic all the time on our facebook page. And if you’re an adult but want to appear as a student, Gabe can easily design you to appear as a younger version of yourself.

ISSUE 3 opportunities (this very issue):
4 adult scientists

ISSUE 4 opportunities (the final chapter for this story arc, New in School):

1 human hall monitor
3 robot hall monitors
1 teacher
Have your name appear on a VERY IMPORTANT wall (limit 4)

If you’re interested, please message Gabe or myself on here for pricing.