It’s Wednesday, and Albert and friends are still running from the giant over-fed alien lunch in the hallways.

When I first envisioned this story, I knew I wanted a chase sequence with Albert and his jetpack (the first introduction in this series, but not the first time I’ve written Albert using a jet pack (see the Reading with Pictures volume 1 story I worked on with Gabe)), and I knew I wanted to have a teacher yell at him for using it in the hallways.

I didn’t know I was going to make a Ghostbusters parody, and have the teacher get slimed. That just came naturally from the flow of the story, my sense of humor, and the fact that sliming a teacher seemed kind of funny. Shows some of the chaos that Albert can cause (unintentionally, of course) in his every day activities and adventures.

Plus, who doesn’t find the idea of their teachers covered in alien lunch slime hilarious?

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