Wednesday’s Albert the Alien page has us visiting the rooms of our heroes. Gerty’s room, well lived in, has posters and stuff that people living on Earth would dig. Including a “Captain Space Ranger” poster on her wall, slightly obscured by Albert’s dialogue.

Albert’s room is clearly a guest room, and is pretty barren. However, it may not stay that way for very long. How, you may ask? Wait until Friday to find out!


My last show of the year is Wizard World Chicago. It’s my top-selling show of the year, and I’ll be in Artist Alley (E4) selling books, art, sketch cards, commissions, and a bunch of other stuff. My other creative half, Gabriel Bautista, will also be on hand selling his awesome art and sketch cards.

We’ll be in a row with fellow comic creators (and all around awesome guys) Russell Lissau (Shrek, Strawberry Shortcake), Steve Horton (Amala’s Blade), and Jim McClain (Solution Squad).

Additionally, I have a panel on Thursday – my first Wizard World panel! Below are the details of the panel:

DAY: Thursday
ROOM: 42
WHAT’S IT ABOUT: This panel looks at whether art is birthed from spontaneity or through crafted structure along with what obstacles can inhibit creativity, and any keys that exist to unleashing creative expression.