It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means…. It’s Albert time!

The first day of school brings a lot of new things with it. New school outfits. New classes, study partners, and locker buddies. And yes, new school supplies. However, if you’re shopping for school supplies on another planet, it goes to show that they would be a little different from what we buy at the local store.

Enter Albert’s school supplies – which, on Albert’s home planet of Xevon VII, are actually the ones who educate the students. Albert’s school supplies are the teachers – with minds and homework assignments of their very own. And we’ll find out a bit more about this in the pages to come.

No matter what planet they are from, however, they appear to know a bad apple when they see one. Clearly, they don’t get along with Wally.

My favorite part of this page is actually the line about the calculator. I remember reading an article growing up about how mathematics were the universal language. If that were the case, then Albert wouldn’t need a fancy calculator – it would function the same way as our calculators, since math is “universal.” This joke always made me chuckle a little.

Stay tuned for the next page update on Friday, when we get even more Albert fun! See you then!