In today’s Albert the Alien, we’re introduced to several new characters working for the B.A.A – the Bureau for Alien Affairs. Lead by Col Ty Fighter.

Col Ty Fighter is a combination of a few of my favorite sci-fi things:

1) Col Ty from the rebooted Battlestar Galactica series
2) Tie Fighters, the famous ships from Star Wars
3) Physically, Gabe based his appearance on an older Guile from the Street Fighter video game series

His dialogue exchange with his associate, Major Neck Payne, was something I wanted to play out very comically. Col Ty is very over-the-top, very prone to excitement and over-reacting. Maj Payne is much more grounded, more in control, and ultimately a better leader. This goes to show you that, while not necessarily a bad guy, sometimes jumping to conclusions before you assess situations can make you appear like a villain. And we’ll see that play out throughout this chapter of Albert. Again, hopefully in a comical way.

As for these two characters and the B.A.A in general, we’ll be seeing them pop back up from time to time throughout Albert’s adventures on Earth. But for now, what could that ringing red phone mean? We’ll find out next week!

It’s not too late to appear in a future story of Albert the Alien! We offer roles for teachers, parents, and students in this comic all the time on our facebook page. And if you’re an adult but want to appear as a student, Gabe can easily design you to appear as a younger version of yourself.

ISSUE 3 opportunities (this very issue):
4 adult scientists

ISSUE 4 opportunities (the final chapter for this story arc, New in School):

1 human hall monitor
3 robot hall monitors
1 teacher
Have your name appear on a VERY IMPORTANT wall (limit 4)

If you’re interested, please message Gabe or myself on here for pricing.