The “will they, won’t they” question is answered in today’s Albert the Alien!

So the 7th grade performance of “Romeo and Juliet…in SPACE!” concludes on a much happier note than the actual play of “Romeo and Juliet (not in space),” and it ends with kisses all around! In fact, for most of the characters here, these are their first kisses! Gerty in particular, since she had mentioned it earlier, but also for our hero from the cosmos – Albert!

One of the reasons I wanted to set Albert’s adventures in middle school was because this was the time when students started to come into their own and start forming into the person they would become in their adult lives. This includes (but is not limited to) starting to date for the first time and exploring their feelings, emotions, and all that mushy stuff that makes for good storytelling (especially drama)! Now, I’m not saying we’re going to be focusing on the romance moving forward – far from it – but it should continue to play a factor in future storylines. We’ll see more romance in future adventures of Albert the Alien. After all, romance is a part of our world (a very beautiful part), and Albert’s here to experience our world and our culture.

Plus, we have that Homecoming Dance coming up much later in this story arc.

Two more pages remain in this chapter, which will conclude next week! See you then!

My next convention is Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, MI (my hometown!). It’s the first time I’ve done this show, and I’ll only be there Saturday! No panels or anything, but I’ll have lots of comics, original art, and be doing commissions all day! Come find me at the show!