The locker thief’s motivation is revealed, as well as how the secret tunnels were discovered. However, there’s another twist in store for Albert the Alien and his group of friends….the locker thief isn’t the one pulling the strings!

My original direction for this story was to turn the locker thief into a permanent villain – someone that Albert had been friends with, but then turned against Albert because he didn’t back him up. However, after spending some more time with him, I realized that I liked Martin quite a bit and didn’t want to turn him into a villain. He was just a kid, pushed into a tight spot who made a few bad calls. I think we’ve all been in that spot before, and Martin learning a valuable lesson was more interesting to me than him turning against Albert in future stories. He could act as a vehicle for other kids to realize their mistakes and work to correct them – instead of just being angry all the time.

But who is really behind these robo-hall monitors? We’ll find out before the end of the chapter! See you next time!