Greetings, and welcome to another installment of Albert the Alien Chapter 6: The Substitute Teacher from Planet X!

The kids start preparing their costumes for sneaking out of their school – and so they can’t be recognized when they’re at the rival school. The funny thing about this is that costume departments at schools theater departments tend to be … not what kids wear every day. So there may be some ridiculous outfits our heroes find themselves wearing to pull this plan off.

That’s okay, though. It’ll be plenty entertaining for us. Come back on Friday for the next hilarious update of Albert the Alien!

My next convention is coming up in Ohio! Cincinnati Comic Expo is September 19-21 in, you guessed it, Cincinnati. It’s my first time attending this show, and I’m looking forward to meeting friends and fans – both new and old. I’ll have copies of Reading with Pictures (both the original, and the new Comics That Make Kids Smarter), Albert the Alien, and more! I hope to see you there!

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