It’s Friday, and while things are hopefully happy for you, things seem to be a little dire in the Principal’s Office…

Principal George Taylor (The name of the main character from the classic Planet of the Apes movie) and Vice Principal Ming (the villain from the Flash Gordan serials and movie…and I think they rebooted the TV series a while back, but I didn’t hear good things) are discussing the situation with having an alien in their school. In two days, Albert’s alien school supplies have already wrecked the halls, and now this alien lunch has slimed them as well. It’s a mess.

Thankfully, there are some government organizations (who we’ll meet in the next issue) that have funded Albert’s attending this school.

Why do these characters look so frightening? Well, I described the scene in the script as being nefarious. Like they were talking about taboo topics. Also, I told Gabe that the Principal would be based on Charlton Heston’s character from Planet of the Apes, but he shouldn’t look like him – maybe he could look like older Chuck Heston, from True Lies or something. Gabe did a great job channeling that direction into a rather frightening looking character design.

I mean, I wouldn’t want to get sent to this guy’s office. Would you?

As for VP Ming, that dude just looks awesome. We’ll have some fun with these characters in later issues, when we get to explore the adults a little bit more. But for now, we’ll continue to focus on the kids and their hilarious adventures.

Two more pages remain, and both will go live next week! Have you been enjoying this adventure so far? Have any silly / fun lunch or cafeteria stories to share? be sure to leave a comment below. And also don’t forget to vote for Albert at the button below!