Happy non-denominational winter holiday, and welcome to another exciting update of Albert the Alien!

The object has been identified, and it’s none other than…wait for it…Albert’s parents! How embarrassing would it be for the entire world to be watching, thinking he world was about to end, and it turns out to be your parents coming to see you? I know I would be pretty embarrassed. But why are they even here? We’ll find out that in the next update….

For the resolution, I wanted to do something funny that showcased how quickly Col Ty Fighter jumps to conclusions, and how dangerous that way of thinking can be. But also how hilarious it can be. He probably spent a boat-load of taxpayer dollars to fly from Washington to Heston Heights, to fulfill his primary motivations: 1) protecting the world, 2) getting his hands on alien technology, and 3) bossing people around.

Sounds like a job Wally may want some day….

This chapter is almost at an end, with only 2 more pages to go! Want to know what will happen next? Come back on Friday for the next installment of Albert the Alien!