So the rival school also has an exchange student…

…and he doesn’t understand this rivalry either. I wanted to try to play up the rivalry between the two schools by having them proud of having an exchange student as well. While not as unique as an alien student, Alberto will be experiencing new things as Albert is in his school. It’s a new environment, and he’s just trying to figure stuff out too.

We won’t see a lot of Alberto in this story (he was included more as a joke to build the rivalry), but we may see him later in the series.

Then we go to Wally’s redemption moment. He says something so mean to Biff that he runs away crying. Why? Because Wally’s the meanest kid in school. Also, there were WAY too many characters in this scene. I wanted to let the Kickstarter backers lead the scene, and then it transitions into the next – which will be our action scene! But that’ll be coming in a few weeks….

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