Happy middle of the week day (also known as Wednesday), and welcome to another installment of Albert the Alien!

There’s a lot going on in this page, but my favorite part is Wally trying to shift the blame on Albert – and then Gerty getting back at him by saying that Albert has diplomatic immunity. Even though Wally doesn’t say the same thing, what he does say “automatic impunity” technically means something similar. I’m sure this was unintentional on Wally’s part, but I still found it hilarious. Almost as hilarious as when he finds out what it means, and then he covets it for himself.

Wally is an easy character to write. He’s very selfish, and therefore can always be expected to look out for himself. Or try to shift the blame away from himself. That said, there’s some large shadows looming in the final panel of this page – and it seems like they may be coming for Wally. The only way to find out for sure is to come back here Friday for the next installment of Albert the Alien!