Happy Friday, and welcome to another update of Albert the Alien. After our quick summary that kicks off our second story arc, The Substitute Teacher from Planet X, we’ll finally start jumping into the meat of the story!

Right now there’s also an amount of set up going on, with Homecoming being a central theme in this story arc. We had something like Homecoming in middle school, since football was so big for our town. However, I don’t think formal Homecoming Dances occurred until high school. We’re switching that up a bit here, since Albert is in 7th grade – but they’re still going to have a formal Homecoming. Did you have homecoming in middle school? Or what dances did you have / attend, if any?

Gabe’s at WonderCon this weekend, Table 713 (right next to SkyBound). Be sure to swing by and say hi!

Then later this month, Gabe and I will be attending C2E2 here in Chicago. I’ll be working the Reading with Pictures booth along with good friends Jim McClain and Russell Lissau. Gabe will be in artist alley.

Both of us will have copies of Albert available for sale, along with some other great books, original art, and we’ll both be available to take commissions.