Happy mid-week, fellow humans! And welcome to another amazing installment of Albert the Alien!

Albert, with a renewed sense of faith in himself and determination to save the school, rushes off to the Principal’s office. However, he’s met with a type of resistance he wasn’t anticipating. That resistance is, of course, Col Ty Fighter!

Tomorrow is a popular holiday in America – Thanksgiving! A day to give thanks for the people and things in your life, and to reflect on all of the good and positive things. Personally, I’m incredibly grateful for all of the awesome stuff in my life:

My loving wife
My adorable (when she wants to be) cat
My awesome collaborator and partner in comics, Gabe
My friends and family
And of course, all of you – fans and readers of Albert the Alien!

So thank you guys so much for reading Albert, and supporting our work over this first year. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Stay tuned for the next exciting update on Friday of Albert the Alien!