Today’s Albert the Alien summer break update is from the extremely awesome Talent Caldwell! You may remember him from such comics as Fathom, WildCATS Nemesis, and Superman: Godfall.

Talent has been big on the comic con circuit, and has been someone that I’ve looked up to artistically for quite some time. We met through the conventions, I introduced him to Albert the Alien, and we became fast friends. This piece here is going to appear in the upcoming Albert the Alien volume 1: New in School graphic novel that was just successfully funded on Kickstarter! I was incredibly honored when he reached out and offered up this piece, wanting to use his new cartoon style – which I immediately said “yes” to, and then tried not to fan-boy out and embarrass myself too much.

He’s been working on an animated web series for some time now, the first episode of which is out right now on YouTube (warning: not appropriate for all ages):

Enjoy, and come back next week for another update of Albert the Alien summer break (we’ll be back in August)!

Gabe’s getting ready for SDCC, and I’m prepping for Anime Iowa (I’ll be a returning guest of honor). Gabe has some fantastic sketch cards for sale (and does commissions), and I have books, original art, and more! If you’re attending either show, you should definitely swing by and say hi to us both!