Albert the Alien is going on his first field trip on Earth!

Even though there’s a lot of danger at the school right now (it’s being taken over by robots!), the class still has learning to do. And what better way to learn than to go on a field trip to another place? Where the kids are going and what they will be learning about will be explained soon, but this is the first time we’ve seen Albert outside of his suburban environment.

I specifically wanted to put Albert in the suburbs because it has the best of community living but also the rustic feel of everyday life. I feel like big cities, while they have a lot of people, were not the norm for me. And in fact, they draw a certain sense of “awe” that I wanted Albert to feel the first time he visited one. Sure, there are cities on Alien worlds too – but Albert has already seen those. He hasn’t seen OUR cities.

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