Looks like the controller effects wore off, so Wally’s not a puppy anymore. So the kids start asking the hard questions – where did that alien door come from, and who could have put it there?

These are questions we will explore in the next story arc, The Substitute Teacher from Planet X. And we’ll be expanding this universe quite a bit in the coming stories as well.

Only a few pages remain in this chapter – AND we’re almost to Albert’s 1-year anniversary (on the web)! See you Friday!

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In April, Gabe and I will be attending C2E2 here in Chicago. I’ll be working the Reading with Pictures booth along with good friends Jim McClain and Russell Lissau. Gabe will be in artist alley.

Both of us will have copies of Albert available for sale, along with some other great books, original art, and we’ll both be available to take commissions.