It’s Friday, the end of your week. The start of your weekend. And what could be better than a brand new Albert the Alien Chapter 2 page to help you usher in the start of a fantastic weekend? Nothing I can think of, that’s for sure.

We are introduced to Gerty’s Mother, Alicia Greyson. Alicia was the original name I wanted Gerty’s character to have, however an editor on an early project told me that you can’t have two main characters with the same first two letters of their names (Albert and Alicia), so I changed it. She was going to be named after a friend of mine who edits children’s stories. According to the Eptimology (the meaning of words), Alicia means “nobility,” and I wanted her to be a strong and noble character. However, upon changing it I decided that Gerty (Gertrude) would be a good alternative, since it means “strength.”

In case you were wondering, “Albert” also has nobility and honor in his name’s meaning.

Are you curious what your name means? There are numerous websites where you can look this up: I have been using this site, since it gives a little extra detail:

So it looks like Albert and Gerty are going to be more than just best friends – they’re also going to be living together at Gerty’s house! Foreign exchange students often have a homestay family when they come to another country, and Gerty’s parents appear to have volunteered for that. We will explore why in later pages in this chapter, and later chapters. And how their living together may cause some future adventures in and out of the classroom!

See you next week!


July 26-28 I’ll be a guest of honor at Anime Iowa! It’s my first time attending this show, but it sounds like a lot of fun and I’m really looking forward to it. Like all other appearances, I’ll be working the artist alley table during the day, and working panels at night.

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