It’s Friday, and time for another installment of Albert the Alien!

Forced to open his locker against his will, Albert opens the door to reveal – well, you’ll just have to find out next week.

That’s called a cliffhanger. They’re not very nice, I know.

During my time in school, I never had any random locker searches that I remember. I do remember sharing a locker with my buddy, and every year we would decorate the heck out of the thing. We would fill it with cut outs from video game magazines, comic books, or illustrations we would doodle during class. Don’t worry, we both got good grades. 🙂

Things are looking dismal for Albert, but don’t worry – the story’s not over yet! See you next week!

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Next week is my final convention of the year, Con Alt Del. Both Gabe and myself will be guests at this show, which promises (like all of our appearances) to be a fun time! We’ll both be doing some panels at the show and selling our art and comics, so we hope to see you there!