The Mummy King has activated his generals, and life’s about to become very difficult for Albert the Alien and friends!

Also, we get an introduction of some of our Kickstarter appearance reward level supporters! The two appearing on this page are Greg Noonkester, and Susie Berneis! I tried to make their descriptions about the person who was doing the supporting, either basing it on their profession or on some details they provided to me through e-mails. Any way we can work to personalize the story without sacrificing the story, I’m okay with it.

Our remaining mummy supporters will appear next week, and our human supporters will appear soon after that. Then we get into the action!

My next appearance is the last for the year: Con Alt Del! Join myself and Albert the Alien artist Gabo for a fun weekend filled with panels, comics, anime, and so much more! I hope to see you there!

Panel Room 2 – An Evening with Trevor Mueller
11:00pm – 12:00am

Panel Room 2 – Making Webcomics
11:30am – 12:30pm