It’s the end of April, but that’s okay – we have more Albert the Alien!

Miranda was assigned being the stage director since, well let’s be honest here, she has the most experience with a camera. I’m sure they can sell DVDs of this to the parents – who wouldn’t want to remember the first play with an alien in it?

Then Albert gets Mercurtio – my favorite role in the play – but doesn’t quite understand that “dying on stage” doesn’t mean he doesn’t die. That would be some method acting, though, I suppose. But yeah, he’s understandably freaked out about it.

Then there’s Wally. Cast as Tybault, the villain. They say that any good villain doesn’t consider themselves a villain – they think of themselves as the good guy. The hero of their own story. And this is how Wally sees himself, too. What’s funny about it is that he immediately goes on to do something mean and evil after denying that’s his personality. I always thought that was pretty funny.

We still have more casting choices coming up – including our leads! See you Friday for more Albert the Alien!

C2E2 was a blast (convention report to follow soon), and Gabe and I are already gearing up for our next appearance: Anime Central!

ACEN is the 3rd largest animation convention in the country, takes place in Rosemont, Il on May 16-18, and is my absolute favorite show of the year. Gabe will be in Artist Alley, and I will be a returning guest of the show! I’ll have a number of panels throughout the week (my panel schedule will be posted closer to the event date), as well as a number of books for sale. And commissions – did I mention Gabe and I will both be doing commissions?

We’ll also be doing some special fundraising activities for our Albert the Alien Kickstarter! More details on that to come soon.

Here’s the panel schedule for the weekend (more may be added at random):
Introduction to RWP – 7pm – Panel Room 3
The Panel That Shall Not Be Named – 10pm – Panel Room 4

Time Management – 8:30pm – Panel Room 3
Breaking Into Comics – 9:30pm – Panel Room 4