Albert the Alien has defeated the evil Mummy King and his generals!

I always pictured the Mummy King a bit as a classic superhero villain, with monologuing speeches and always trying to run off to come back and be a villain again another day. However, I wanted Albert to kind of steal that thunder by defeating him in finality. We may see the Mummy King again sometime later, but not in the near future.

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Valentine’s Day weekend I’ll be attending my next convention appearance: Anime Milwaukee! That’s right, I’m back as a guest at this awesome show and I’ll be in artist alley selling books, premiering a new product, and yes – leading some awesome and fun panels! I hope to see you there!

– Friday
— 9:00PM-10:00PM – Breaking Into Comics – 201AB
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— 10:00PM-11:00PM – An Evening With Trevor Mueller – 202DE

I’ve also updated my convention schedule for 2015 (see the sidebar for signings and appearances), so you can see where I’ll be. Hopefully you can be there, too!