Happy Friday, and welcome to another awesome adventure of Albert the Alien!

There’s a lot of activity on this page, so we’ll start in the background with Wally picking on Martin. He said he was going to do it again in an earlier page, and here he is – following through.

Meanwhile, in the foreground, Albert and Gerty talk about why Albert came to Earth, and talk about decorating their lockers. I remember when I was in middle school was had locker buddies, and the two of you got to decorate the lockers. My locker buddy was Kevin, and we both loved comics – so our lockers were decorated with comic stuff. Some of it was even our own artwork.

So when thinking about Albert, I had to come up with a way that he would personalize his locker – preferably something that could carry over into later story elements of the series. What did I come up with? Well, come back on Wednesday to find out!