It’s Friday, and we’ve come to the end of this chapter. Looks like Albert’s friends aren’t the only ones susceptible to the mysterious locker thefts! However, Wally seems pretty confident in who he thinks the culprit may be – our hero, Albert the Alien!

I think it’s funny that Wally doesn’t know what the inside of his locker looks like. He’s clearly in need of a place to store his stuff. Meanwhile, his counter-parts Lugg and Ugg do seem to use their lockers. I always pictured them as being “friends” with Wally because he was just so mean, and they were sensitive kids. Larger, and they seem like the muscle, but the fact is that Wally is just such a force they just came along for the ride. But we’ll get to explore them a bit more in future stories.

Thus concludes Albert the Alien is New in School Chapter 2. Come back next week for the beginning of Chapter 3!

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