Just like last year, we’re going on Summer Break for several weeks while we put together the second print volume of Albert the Alien (recently funded on Kickstarter). This year we’re going to be doing actual story content written by Trevor Mueller – with guest artists filling in for Gabo.

Kasey Williams is an incredible talent in her own right, and even launched a (recently completed) webcomic series called Galacticat. It’s not all-ages appropriate, so I won’t link to it, but you can search for it easily enough.

Remember when this story arc started I talked about a flaw in the story? In the original draft (which had this story at 8-10 pages in length), the group uses the bloodstream to navigate to the throat through the arteries, and then exit and enlarge enough to enter the throat and stop the clog. Unfortunately, since I didn’t have the extra 3-5 pages for that to happen, they end up destroying something in the bloodstream that’s causing the choking – which isn’t really possible. But hey – it still looks cool!

The story is super cute and enjoyable. So enjoy part 4 (of 5) of this adventure!


Albert the Alien was just nominated for a Harvey Award for Best Online Comic! This is such an honor. Check it out here.

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It’s September, folks, and I’m going to be a guest at Mid-Ohio Con in Columbus, OH on September 18-20.