Another Albert the Alien and – WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!?!

It looks like Wally has created a monster out of the Blobite, adding all of the leftover lunch stuff (and the kitchen sink – literally!) to it. The Blobite has increased in size, and appears to now have a taste for whatever is closest to it — in this case, Wally himself!

Wally is an interesting antagonist to write. Take this scene, for example. Wally has clearly created this monster, and suddenly tries to present himself as the hero – the only person who can save the school from the menace. We all know he created it, but he tries to blame it on Albert. However, Wally is definitely getting his “just desserts” in this case, since he’s now become the food for the Blobite.

Can the kids rescue Wally and save the school before they all become lunch? Find out next week as our adventure continues!