And we’re off, starting our new Albert the Alien adventure!

Back when Gabe and I first started talking about making Albert the Alien a regular series, he immediately wanted to give Miranda some kind of cute floating video recorder (since she was a reporter). He specifically wanted to give her a cute floating flying cat, like on Sailor Moon or something. I wasn’t familiar with the series enough to know what that was, but I figured we could come up with something more original.

But in order for Miranda to have some kind of alien technology, I needed a way to give it to her. Hence, destroying her normal camera in the previous issue, and then having Albert make up for it by building her this new one. We’ll be seeing more of this floating camera (which needs a name…any suggestions?) as the story progresses.

April 25 weekend, Gabe and I will be attending C2E2 here in Chicago. I’ll be working the Reading with Pictures booth along with good friends Jim McClain and Russell Lissau. Gabe will be in artist alley.

Both of us will have copies of Albert available for sale, along with some other great books, original art, and we’ll both be available to take commissions.