Meanwhile, back at the Greyson Household….

This week we get a peek at the origin story of how humans met aliens in the first place. More on that on Friday.

For today’s update, I really liked the idea that the world was going to end tomorrow and yet you still had to do your homework. That made me chuckle. But it’s important sometimes to put things in perspective, and recognize that while everyone else may think things are bad, they could always be worse – and maybe, they’re not as bad as you think.

Gerty’s parents are a positive bunch, and fun characters to write. We’ll be seeing more of them in future stories, of course. I mean, come on – if your mother is a rocket scientist and your dad is an astronaut, you’re parents have to be pretty cool, right? Yeah, they have some stories to tell. 😛

Opportunities to appear in Albert the Alien issues 3 and 4 are quickly disappearing. Deadline is quickly approaching as Gabe continues to chip away at the pages, so please reach out soon on pricing if you would like to have yourself immortalized in a comic!

ISSUE 3 opportunities (this very issue):
4 adult scientists SOLD

ISSUE 4 opportunities (the final chapter for this story arc, New in School):

1 human hall monitor SOLD
3 robot hall monitors
1 teacher SOLD
Have your name appear on a VERY IMPORTANT wall (limit 4)

If you’re interested, please message Gabe or myself on here for pricing.