The first appearance of our main character: Albert the Alien!

The student paparazzi, lead by student reporter Miranda Tam, are documenting his first steps inside of the school. Albert is a seriously fun character to write because he’s just a normal everyday kid – but he’s just different enough to be a little strange. This is often the way I felt as a kid growing up – being into comics, cartoons, video games and other things that the normal or popular kids thought were nerdy. Back when “nerdy” meant “not cool.” Now, with the popularity of video game systems and comic book movies, I think it may be a little different story. Maybe.

“Take me to your teacher” is probably my favorite line from Albert in the first issue. It’s like the cliche alien line “take me to your leader,” but just different enough to have charm and be cute and funny. Which is what Albert is – unintentionally funny and odd.

In fact, upon telling the class a little about himself, they’re not really sure how to react. Or what he even said, exactly. The only person who has an opinion at this point is Wally – the school bully. And let’s be honest, Wally’s feelings are probably not towards the positive end of the spectrum.

Another fantastic update goes live on Friday! Be sure to come back and check it out!