It’s been an amazing 5 year journey on Albert the Alien, but it’s time to wrap up the current story arcs. This means we’re entering into a season finale to tie up all the lose ends. Mysteries will be solved. Characters will be changed. Giant robots will battle in space, on the moon, and yes – on Earth! And in the end, Albert’s world will be changed forever!

Volume 4: Space Bullies from Mars will wrap up the current story arcs, and lead into the next chapter of where we’re taking this series! It will be another 5 chapters, and will take us the next year or so to complete. 

But don’t worry, there’s still plenty more Albert the Alien in the works after this. We just thought we shouldn’t keep readers hanging on the current mysteries and plot threads. So while it may be the beginning of the end for this story arc, it is far from the end for Albert the Alien and his friends! More coming, soon.

Albert the Alien, the multi-award nominated webcomic series, will continue to update every Wednesday and Friday for free.