The final day of the con, I packed up my stuff and checked out of my room, and headed to the Expoteria for a quick breakfast sandwich before walking to the table for set up. I had a few minutes to relax and eat before being joined by table neighbors Steve Horton and Russell Lissau – who had also stayed up too late the night before. But perhaps not quite as late as I did. And they also had less bumps and bruises from balancing on stacked chairs….

The show opened and the morning was a bit slow, but picked up as we got closer to the afternoon. I was visited by several friends, including The Nicoles, and continued to sell books until my afternoon panel.

Only a few books left on the final day of the con!

Visited by the Nicole’s at my table….

…and whenever the Nicole’s are around, things get sassy!

12:30pm, Dean Haspiel and I lead a Making Webcomics panel – another well attended affair with some engaging questions. Dean and I have very different backgrounds in webcomics, but very similar sensibilities in our work ethic and approach to making content. We mostly answered questions, which is a format I tend to enjoy and the attendees seem to find a lot of value in, and told some fun and engaging stories to help motivate the young creators in the room to make their own stories. Dean and I both like to inspire young minds, so we continued to play off each other and encourage the attendees to thank their favorite creators, and – if they had passion for storytelling – to find a way to make their own comics.

After the panel ended, there were only a few precious hours left to sell through the remaining stock I had brought. The Channel Awesome crowd came by the table again, this time joined by Honest Trailers voice over guy Jon Baily. Sadly, I didn’t ask for a photo.

Before we knew it, the floor had closed and it was time to say our goodbyes. I packed up and rushed around to my friends before they could leave so give hugs and wish them luck on their next convention adventure. Wizard World Chicago was a show I had skipped last year, due to personal conflicts, but this year provide to be a great time and a great success. I really enjoyed myself this year, and I hope to do some more Wizard shows again next year and beyond!

Saying goodbye at the end of the con. From left to right: Dean Haspiel, Lauren Marie, and myself

Saying goodbye at the end of the con. From left to right: Me, Clint Hobart, and Dean Haspiel

Saying goodbye at the end of the con. My plus one for the weekend takes her leave

How to unwind at the end of a con: Chinese food and Spaceballs!